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Vanessa Yee | Certified Massage Therapist: 72796

A graduate of National Holistic Institute, I have 900 hours of massage and health related education. Although certified by the California Massage Therapy Council and an active member of the American Massage Therapy Association, I have not stopped learning about the art of massage and its beautiful impact on the human body.
I am a passionate entrepreneur with an open ear and a big heart. My intention is to facilitate healing for my clients by offering a “Just for you” massage tailored to meet YOUR needs and YOUR body’s structural standards, as well as offer peace of mind and comfort during a massage treatment. My massage is designed with YOU and your history in mind.
Working closely with and studying other massage therapists and mentors, I learned the importance of finding the source of the muscle pain and how to nurture the muscle therapeutically. I do this by implementing different techniques or modalities of Massage within one massage session. For example:
Swedish Massage combined with Trigger Point Therapy, or a marriage of Shiatsu and Swedish Massage. By using not just one, but a combination of techniques, I can find what works best for my client and use that tool to further prevent any pain related to that region of the body. I offer massages with the client fully clothed primarily for trigger point therapy, or unclothed and under proper draping to allow for fluid massage strokes promoting muscle elasticity and calming superficial tissues. I help relax tired, overstressed muscles that are pulling bones out of alignment and bring them back to a more natural, healthy and flexible state. What works for some, may not work for everyone, which is why my approach to Massage Therapy stands out.


What Our Customers Say

I had my first Shiatsu Massage with Prime Bodyworks and strongly recommend its service to anyone. I was relieved from my back pain and received high-quality customer service treatment. I work very hard for my money and do appreciate knowledgeable professionals, who know what they are doing! And for the next 4 weeks, that’s where I will be going to, every Friday after work.

Lucy CelestinoCorona, CA
Lucy Celestino

I went in with alot of back pain from heavy lifting from my job and long hours with stress, shawn was very professional and didn't waste any time went straight to it, made sure I was comfortable and constantly communicating making sure the pain wasn't too much. He works with you and makes sure you get exactly what you came in for. Highly recommend this place to anyone who has back pain or just want to relieve stress. They will go the extra mile to make sure you leave better than you came.

Matthew BurchetteCorona, CA
Matthew burchette

Requested Vanessa, as I feel more comfortable with a female working on my body and she was excellent. However I met Shawn while there and he would have been just as good and I would have also felt comfortable.  She was very thorough with my issues and we accomplished a lot in today's visit.   I booked a 90 minute time frame and she spent every minute productively working on my tight muscles and educating me on what is going on, as this was my first visit. Today visit was spent figure out what is causing my issues, working in them and seeing where the focus needs to be so that next time we can get right to where she needs to work on.   I recommend to anyone who truly wants some pain relief and to actually get results!   I will be back in a couple weeks!

Shanna P. Corona, CA
Shanna P.

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