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CBD Pain Relief – The Best | Tougher Than Pain

I LOVE Tougher Than Pain CBD roll-on!

Who am I and why do I use CBD?

Vanessa Yee
Massage Therapist and Health Educator #72796
Prime Bodyworks
Co-Founder since 2017 Diamond Bar, CA

I am a massage therapist and pain management specialist with a 5 year background in sports therapy. My primary clients come to my clinic in need of pain relief from overworked/tired muscles from extrenuous workouts/routines or from more chronic issues such as fibromyalgia or CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). I work with a lot of athletes, but also many desk workers who complain of chronic neck and low back issues. They would ask me questions about this seemingly taboo miracle oil that was reportedly is healing people, so of course, it tickled my curiosity. No stranger to hemp, I am aware that CBD is a hemp derivative, not from the cannabis plant like I hear a few people believe.

CBD What?

When tougher than pain was introduced to me at the cusp of national CBD legality (now legal in all 50 states), I was aprehensive about the benefits considering under the tongue cbd oil applications were more popular with my holistic associates. The idea of a pain relief oil that can be applied as simply to the affected pain area as say icy hot or biofreeze but with the added cbd benefit, sounded much better to me than trying to convince my clients to ingest it. A lot of people are turned off to the idea, so I’d much rather give them a much simpler solution.

sore hands

How did it work for me?

I apply a little to my sore hands and after some burning – similar to icy hot which lasts about 5 mins,, the cooling effect is awesome. Once the sensations go away, this product not only eases the tension in my hands, but it also clears up my skin! I usually have to ice my hands after a long day of massage due to soreness and swelling, but this oil makes it so I don’t have to! Note* a little bit goes a long way, so no need to bathe in it or reapply too often like other non-cbd muscle rubs. I like the roll-on version because it’s easier to apply without touching the product which includes menthol as an ingredient (didn’t want to touch my eyes or privates, yow!).

I couldn’t believe how instantly effective it was. It lasted several hours before I felt the need to reapply, but I noticed the inflammation in my hands that triggers pain had decreased significantly! By the time I reapplied, the pain still did not return to it’s usual intensity. After a work shift, I apply it to my chest and arms (which also helps decreased sinus congestion because of the soothing menthol smell, BONUS! My knees and sore calves now tend to cramp less from lunging all day at work. I do recommend using this product after a workout or daily routine since it does relax the tissues.

Why do I not use Tougher than Pain prior to a days work?

Applying it prior to a day of massage, ended up fatiguing my muscles sooner because I couldn’t properly guage the pressure I was absorbing in my hands. I should have known since I don’t advise taking NSAIDS (anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen) before any activity since it causes the muscles to overwork due raising the bar of where you would normally feel fatigue. On the flipside, this habit can cause overexhaustion of the tissues and cause injuries lengthier than your average later on. I believe timing therapies just right without interrupting our body’s natural responses, is key. This product tends to work optimally when in “recovery mode” anyway. When I come home, I shower then put some on and let it absorb before I go to bed. In the morning, the skin on my hands feels soft and I can move my digits without pain.

How has Tougher than Pain helped my clients?

It’s hard to keep in stock to fulfill demand! I have fibromyalgia patients who love it because one of the particular ingredients helps eliminate onset nerve pain symptoms. They usually buy the roll-on to carry with them to work to apply as needed.

I now offer to apply it to my clients skin after massage to promote faster healing, and because it’s the perfect compliment to bodywork.

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