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This is What You Need to Start Working Out from Home

Don’t Let Gym Closures Ruin Your Progress

Gyms were ordered to close last week, and it doesn’t look like they are gonna open back up anytime soon. So put away those frowny faces, it’s time to start working out from home. The stupid COVID-19 virus is ruining your progress, so you’re a little irritated. I understand, so let let’s dive right in!

I Need to Buy a Lot of Stuff to Cover My Workouts at the Gym

large at home gym

This is simply not true. Unless you have a lot of space and money, I would NOT recommend trying to replicate all the equipment you use at the gym.

There are a couple of at home gyms that will help you keep your gains, but only take up a corner of your room. Unless you’re built like Jason Mamoa, something like the Bowflex or even the Total Gym should hold you over until the Gym reopens.

bowflex xtreme 2se
alternative to gym

I am a big supporter of home gyms! Especially machines like Bowflex and the Total Gym. Both cover a lot of exercises and they grow with you. It’s also much easier to add weight and/or switch to a different exercise compared to traditional commercial gym equipment. Due to the ease, you can probably shave 20 minutes off your workout time.

If you don’t have the space or funds for something like the Bowflex or Total Gym, a combination of ingenuity and some resistance bands will do.

resistance bands for at home gym

Buy COOBONS FITNESS Resistance Bands Set

Here are a few basics you will need to start working out from home:

  1. Get an Interval Timer App: When you start your HIIT exercises to burn fat. You’re gonna need an interval timer. Just visit your phones app store and search for one. I use endomonda, get it on iPhone here, and Google Play here.
  2. Get a Yoga Mat: Save yourself from bruising and putting pressure on your poor joints when working out on a hard surface such as hardwood floors. Here is a link to a highly rated one on amazon: Gaiam Yoga Mat – Premium 6mm Print Extra Thick Non Slip Exercise & Fitness Mat (68″ x 24″ x 6mm)
  3. Get a Set of Resistance Bands: They fit almost all fitness levels. Here are a few that are versatile and doesn’t take up too much space: JDDZ Pull up Resistance and Assist Bands, Workout Bands (Set of 5) or A AZURELIFE Resistance Bands, Professional Non-Latex Elastic Exercise Bands, 5 ft. (3 pack)

Dress appropriately for your workouts. Get on your tank tops or t-shirts on your upper half, and sneakers, tights or sweatpants on your lower. Below are some examples of what to wear: MANON ROSA Workout Sets Women 2 Piece or Lixada 3 Pcs Men’s Workout Set with Compression T-Shirt, Loose Fitting Shorts and Tight Leggings Pants

MANON ROSA Workout Sets Women 2 Piece
Lixada 3 Pcs Men’s Workout Set with Compression T-Shirt, Loose Fitting Shorts and Tight Leggings Pants

Don’t Lose Your Flexibility

Don’t forget to foam roll in between workout days to maintain flexibility and improve circulation. It will also save you money from having to receive Trigger Point Therapy so often. Amazon customers highly rate these foam rollers: OPTP PRO-Roller Soft Density Foam Roller (beginners) | AmazonBasics High-Density Round Foam Roller (experienced)

If you need more guidance on working out from home, I suggest you check out: Hitch Fit

Lastly, you might or will encounter D.O.M.S (delayed onset muscle soreness). I personally use Tougher Than Pain. I’ve tried stuff like Icy Hot and BioFreeze and they just don’t cut it for me.

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*Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission. Know that I only recommend products, tools, services and learning resources I’ve personally used and believe are genuinely helpful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to purchase them. Most of all, I would never advocate for buying something that you can’t afford or that you’re not yet ready to implement. *

Shawn Phan, best neuromuscular therapist in los angeles county

I’m Shawn. I am a Neuromuscular Therapist that is co-owner/operator of Prime Bodyworks. There I provide manual therapies and multiple modalities of massage to relieve chronic muscle pain associated with sports and work related injuries.

cbd roll-on, cbd pain relief

CBD Pain Relief – The Best | Tougher Than Pain

I LOVE Tougher Than Pain CBD roll-on!

Who am I and why do I use CBD?

Vanessa Yee
Massage Therapist and Health Educator #72796
Prime Bodyworks
Co-Founder since 2017 Diamond Bar, CA

I am a massage therapist and pain management specialist with a 5 year background in sports therapy. My primary clients come to my clinic in need of pain relief from overworked/tired muscles from extrenuous workouts/routines or from more chronic issues such as fibromyalgia or CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). I work with a lot of athletes, but also many desk workers who complain of chronic neck and low back issues. They would ask me questions about this seemingly taboo miracle oil that was reportedly is healing people, so of course, it tickled my curiosity. No stranger to hemp, I am aware that CBD is a hemp derivative, not from the cannabis plant like I hear a few people believe.

CBD What?

When tougher than pain was introduced to me at the cusp of national CBD legality (now legal in all 50 states), I was aprehensive about the benefits considering under the tongue cbd oil applications were more popular with my holistic associates. The idea of a pain relief oil that can be applied as simply to the affected pain area as say icy hot or biofreeze but with the added cbd benefit, sounded much better to me than trying to convince my clients to ingest it. A lot of people are turned off to the idea, so I’d much rather give them a much simpler solution.

sore hands

How did it work for me?

I apply a little to my sore hands and after some burning – similar to icy hot which lasts about 5 mins,, the cooling effect is awesome. Once the sensations go away, this product not only eases the tension in my hands, but it also clears up my skin! I usually have to ice my hands after a long day of massage due to soreness and swelling, but this oil makes it so I don’t have to! Note* a little bit goes a long way, so no need to bathe in it or reapply too often like other non-cbd muscle rubs. I like the roll-on version because it’s easier to apply without touching the product which includes menthol as an ingredient (didn’t want to touch my eyes or privates, yow!).

I couldn’t believe how instantly effective it was. It lasted several hours before I felt the need to reapply, but I noticed the inflammation in my hands that triggers pain had decreased significantly! By the time I reapplied, the pain still did not return to it’s usual intensity. After a work shift, I apply it to my chest and arms (which also helps decreased sinus congestion because of the soothing menthol smell, BONUS! My knees and sore calves now tend to cramp less from lunging all day at work. I do recommend using this product after a workout or daily routine since it does relax the tissues.

Why do I not use Tougher than Pain prior to a days work?

Applying it prior to a day of massage, ended up fatiguing my muscles sooner because I couldn’t properly guage the pressure I was absorbing in my hands. I should have known since I don’t advise taking NSAIDS (anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen) before any activity since it causes the muscles to overwork due raising the bar of where you would normally feel fatigue. On the flipside, this habit can cause overexhaustion of the tissues and cause injuries lengthier than your average later on. I believe timing therapies just right without interrupting our body’s natural responses, is key. This product tends to work optimally when in “recovery mode” anyway. When I come home, I shower then put some on and let it absorb before I go to bed. In the morning, the skin on my hands feels soft and I can move my digits without pain.

How has Tougher than Pain helped my clients?

It’s hard to keep in stock to fulfill demand! I have fibromyalgia patients who love it because one of the particular ingredients helps eliminate onset nerve pain symptoms. They usually buy the roll-on to carry with them to work to apply as needed.

I now offer to apply it to my clients skin after massage to promote faster healing, and because it’s the perfect compliment to bodywork.

Buy Tougher than Pain Here

cbd roll-on, cbd pain relief

Tougher Than Pain topical Review: Effectiveness and Benefits

Who I am:

Hi there! My name is Shawn Phan, the Advance Neuromuscular Therapist at Prime Bodyworks in Diamond Bar, California. Today I will be reviewing an all natural pain relief topical by the name of Tougher Than Pain ™ that claims to be “the best natural pain relief in the world!”

Tougher Than Pain’s Story:

In 2018, I was suffering from pain from working too much, DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness), migraine like headaches. A close friend of mine introduced me to this all-natural full spectrum hemp CBD infused topical. He told me that the founder of the company was a Military Vet who used to suffer from chronic pain and was tired of the typical over the counter so-called pain relieving topicals that didn’t really work for him. So, he set out to create his own pain relieving topical with only the best ingredients that worked. Being someone from a health educator background; that really resonated with me.

What I got:

When I first received the topicals, I didn’t know what to expect. I mean truthfully the label was kind of cheesy looking. Both the roll-on and travel size dripper were absorbed by my skin easily and it smells very similar to products like Tiger Balm and BioFreeze. Although the smell doesn’t linger too long and it’s not greasy like Tiger Balm.

What I wanted it to do:

I was hoping this would help with my delayed onset muscle soreness. The day after leg days were the worst! I could hardly get up off a chair. Compared to the other pain relief topicals, I can actually feel it working and find some pain relief! I am not going to lie to you and tell you it washed away the pain completely and I was dunking basketballs like Lebron James in his prime, but it helped alleviate my pain enough that I could function throughout the day. It made life bearable.

Applying Tougher Than Pain roll-on to sore thigh to relieve pain.

My professional opinion on it:

I really liked how this pain relieving topical helped with my DOMS and my chronic knee pain, it was very easy to apply, and it is made right here in the good ol’ USA. I don’t really like smell and hope they come out with a non-scented one soon.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is into sports, working out, or have chronic muscle pain would greatly benefit from it by using it for reducing their inflammation and most importantly their pain.

When to use it:

I love using Tougher Than Pain the day after hard lifting at the gym or to treat my chronic pains that flare up from time to time.

I would highly recommend this to a family member or friend!

This wonderful pain-relieving CBD topical goes by the name of Tougher Than Pain and it might be “the best natural pain relief in the world!”

Click on the link below to save over 10% off Mfg. pricing! 

Click Here to Buy

In a nut shell:

Tougher Than Pain will take the edge off your pain and suffering. This topical will help you with tired overworked muscles, migraines, chronic pain and DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

back label of tougher than pain

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To learn more about DOMS, check out:

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