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A graduate of National Holistic Institute, I have 900 hours of massage and health related education, but am always researching old and new techniques to add to my repertoire to further enhance the results from my bodywork. This has allowed me to successfully help clients like you, manage and even alleviate pain symptoms. Although certified by the California Massage Therapy Council and an active member of the American Massage Therapy Association, I have not stopped learning about the art of massage and its beautiful impact on the human body. In fact, I find it fascinating how the body can heal itself through touch. I am an intuitive that is able to locate trigger points within the body by following patterns of tension within the connective tissues and muscle groups. Often, I hear from my clients: "wow, I can't believe you found that knot!" or "I never even have to tell you where to go because you always find them." I am a passionate entrepreneur with an open ear and a big heart. My intention is to facilitate healing for my clients by offering a “Just for you” massage tailored to meet YOUR needs and YOUR body’s structural standards, as well as offer peace of mind and comfort during a massage treatment. So many of us don't realize that our sympathetic nervous system is constantly engaged, which is why we experience stress. Our team understands this. By learning hands-on Neuromuscular techniques from my partner, our resident Neuromuscular therapist, Shawn Phan, I have been able to relieve my client's painful symptoms of sciatica, frozen shoulder, IT band syndrome, and other fascial and muscular dysfunctions. Together, it is our goal to empower our clients to heal themselves by listening to the messages their bodies are sending them by means of pain and instill the importance of regular bodywork sessions for preventative maintenance. The misconception is that massage is a luxury, not a necessity. FALSE. We take an in depth history of recorded and unrecorded injuries, headache frequency, routine, and lifestyle. Your past may be the past, but have you ever thought about the long term affects stress and injury can have on your body? This extra "baggage" is why massage is absolutely necessary. That's where we come in and find the patterns of tension to relieve your pain and improve your quality of life by allowing you freedom of mobility and a more confident sense of awareness.